Excellent Free Software for Every Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are hot in the market today not only to pro gamers but also for those who like to level up their gaming experience. You might even buy your gaming PC that you’re excited to use. Well, you save your full excitement later! Why? You have excellent free software choices you can use for you to boost your gaming experience. 

Do you want to know what software makes your gaming PC superb? Read this article and find of the best software you can use to make your gaming PC awesome! 


Every new or pro gamer wants the best software for their PC for them to achieve a unique gaming experience. Thus, the Steam is the software you might want to install on your PC. Why? You can achieve an excellent gaming experience with the close box console. 

Also, you would become happy to have the following: 

  • You have free  search access to play games 
  • Gamers  have  chances to see inexpensive indies 
  • You have full access to full A titles 

You can even launch these directly on the Steam software so a terrific gaming experience would be yours. Another good thing to remember: players can also use the Big Picture Mode anytime they like. 

LogMeIn Hamachi  

Do you want to make secured and organized meetings for you to record podcast contributors and game sessions?  Then, you need a strong and reliable VPN or Virtual Private Network to do it.  Gamers can rely on the LogMeln Hamachi’s performance that meets their demands regarding podcasts and VPN. 

LogMeln Hamachi offers you a comfortable and easy way to do the following: 

  • Sharing files so that you can use to play private games 
  • Smooth access servers using the P2P protocol 
  • Gain fast and secure access  to routers and firewalls 
  • Boost the simple interface that enables you to use VPN 

New gamers wouldn’t feel awkward and shy in playing private games due to this software. So, you would have access to the full gaming experience. 

Razer Cortex 

Do you want to level up your gaming performance while boosting your PC?  The Game Booster from Razer Cortex makes this happen. Here, gamers are free to boost their PC even they’re using Steam. Razer Cortex can even give you a reliable way to launch games from any software. So the result you would expect from this is an excellent gaming experience. 


One enjoyable thing about gaming is you don’t only play, but you also connect with other players. Yes, you can do that using your PC. You have the voice app TeamSpeak to help you chat with your fellow gamers and friends. You can also do the following: 

  • Tune  sound levels 
  • Use echo  reduction  
  • Use encryption 

The TeamSpeak is also excellent for you to find out the status of other gamers. For you, the voice app gives you superb excitement you would be glad to experience. So, you come now and see the excellent results these software or apps can give you. Get ready to achieve the best gaming experience you deserve to have! Enjoy the gaming experience that’s offered to you by using free software!